We’re a group of friends and allies of Ezra Levant from across Canada and around the world who believe his fight for freedom of speech is our fight too. Ezra has been there for us, from battling the Alberta Human Rights Commission, to organizing a grassroots campaign to repeal section 13, the censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act. That repeal became law in June of 2013 — something that never would have happened without Ezra’s work. Now it’s time for us to be there for him — to help him appeal the defamation decision against him.

Ezra Levant:

Ezra Levant is a human rights activist, lawyer, author, TV host and dad. His campaign for civil liberties began in earnest in 2006, when the magazine he published, the Western Standard, reprinted several of the Danish cartoons of Mohammed to illustrate a news story on the subject. That act of journalism was met with a malicious “hate speech” complaint filed against him by a Pakistani-born extremist Muslim imam, who took Ezra to the Alberta government’s Human Rights Commission (HRC). Using taxpayers money, that government agency investigated and prosecuted Ezra for 900 days, with no fewer than 15 government bureaucrats and lawyers. Levant fought back, documenting the illiberal nature of Canada’s HRCs, and exposing the unholy alliance between domestic Canadian leftists and foreign-born jihadis. The videotape of Ezra’s interrogation at the hands of an HRC bureaucrat went viral. It was the beginning of a grassroots campaign to bring back freedom of speech, and the separation of mosque and state in Canada.

Ezra wrote a best-selling book about the experience, called Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights. The Writer’s Trust selected Shakedown as the best Canadian political book in 25 years.

Ezra was a columnist with the Sun Media chain of newspapers, and hosted a daily TV show on the Sun News Network.

In 2015, he founded TheRebel.media, a fearless source of news, opinion, and activism.

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